Once her husband had e-mailed me to book a session for her, there was no turning back (haha, figuratively of course). They had been talking about her doing a boudoir shoot for a while but didn't know of any photographers who specialized in it, or when the right time was to actually do the shoot (there is never a better time to do a shoot than now).  I received an e-mail and was absolutely thrilled that she wanted to book within the next few days as they were just traveling through Christchurch and only had this one opportunity to do it. I, of course, cleared my schedule! We started her shoot with her in her swimming suit (which is absolutely gorgeous btw) and INSTANTLY she asked if we could try different outfits and poses that showed a little bit more skin. N. is fierce and I loved watching her connect with that side of herself throughout our shoot together. 

N. has asked me to keep her information anonymous so unfortunately the secret of how we met or how this photo shoot came to be will be lost forever.