About Me...



I am so excited that you're here and want to know more about me. My life has definitely been full of adventure and learning, and it seems to continue to take me by surprise.

After graduating high school I went and traveled Europe for a few weeks, and realized during my travel that the world was absolutely HUGE and that I NEEDED to explore as much of it as I could! Throughout University I managed to sneak away for a month here and there and travel to places like Costa Rica, Spain and Japan! After graduating I worked for a year in Human Resources and then packed up my life and moved to the beautiful (and little) country of New Zealand with my partner. I then spent the net 2.5 years living and exploring the beautiful city of Christchurch New Zealand and loved every minute of it. I took this opportunity to grow myself creatively and pushed the boundaries of my comfort zone.

In the middle of 2018 I made a big decision to leave New Zealand to explore other parts of the world. I have always craved change and found that I was daydreaming of living in different countries while I still have the opportunities. I am currently living the nomad life, growing and creating as a photographer and entrepreneur.

The reason why I love photography so much is because you can capture beautiful moments and preserve them for forever. I am always looking to grow as a professional and am up for any type of challenge. Photography started as a way for me to preserve my own memories, and now I am thrilled that I am able to capture beautiful moments for others as well.

So, here's to the future and to beautiful memories!