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The beauty of boudoir photography is that it can be absolutely anything you want to be - from an empowering confidence boost to a gift for that special someone. 

Note: Privacy of all clients is my absolute priority and so I will not share any photos unless you give me permission to do so.



L. contacted me to treat herself to a much deserved shoot for no one else but herself. She was feeling drained and knew that she needed something to help her find the excitement for life and love for herself again. Since her shoot she has gone and secured an amazing job in the field she had studied for and has a newly found kick a*s level of confidence - watch out world! She has asked for her photos to be kept anonymous, but wanted me to show all of you her photos because she just absolutely LOVED them. Having been friends with L. before the shoot, I can honestly say that she is on the fast train to success and nothing will stop her. I am counting down the days until I get to photograph this beauty again.



Once her husband had e-mailed me to book a session for her, there was no turning back (haha, figuratively of course). They had been talking about her doing a boudoir shoot for a while but didn't know of any photographers who specialized in it, or when the right time was to actually do the shoot (there is never a better time to do a shoot than now).  I received an e-mail and was absolutely thrilled that she wanted to book within the next few days as they were just traveling through Christchurch and only had this one opportunity to do it. I, of course, cleared my schedule! We started her shoot with her in her swimming suit (which is absolutely gorgeous btw) and INSTANTLY she asked if we could try different outfits and poses that showed a little bit more skin. N. is fierce and I loved watching her connect with that side of herself throughout our shoot together. 

N. has asked me to keep her information anonymous so unfortunately the secret of how we met or how this photo shoot came to be will be lost forever.




Wanting a special gift for her hubby's birthday, Gabby contacted me to do a boudoir shoot. She wanted to do something a little more out of the ordinary, out of her comfort zone, and something that he would remember for the rest of his life. Throughout our session I saw her transform from giggling when I got up close and in her personal space with my camera (because that is what I do best, haha) to absolutely WORKING it in front of the camera and letting her inner goddess come out to play. We had moments of uncontrollable laughter where I literally had to put my camera down and slap my knee, and times where we were both so deep in the zone that nothing could have broke our concentration. We designed the most beautiful photo book for her to give her husband, and I'm told that he absolutely ADORED them, not only because she totally rocked it, but because he knew that she had stepped out of her comfort zone and displayed the confidence that he always knew she had. 



When Luna contacted me about her shoot she had mentioned that she wanted images that were beautiful and sweet but had a little hint of spice to them. She had done a few shoots before but had never loved any of the images she had received (which is absolutely tragic). We rented an apartment to ensure that we had a few different settings to pose in, and the results were... well have a look for yourself! Luna was an absolute delight to chat with and we actually had to remind ourselves a countless number of times that we were doing a shoot together rather than just chatting and hanging out - as is the case with so many of my shoots. It was an absolute pleasure spending time with Luna and having her trust me with bringing her vision to life.

To see photographs of people outside of an intimate setting, click on the image below. I promise, it is just as good!

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