Can I borrow your bed?

I was in a little bit of a pickle... I had a client who wanted to book a boudoir shoot, but she didn't want to use her bedroom as she wanted to keep the shoot a little more anonymous and not show all of the internet what her room looks like. This is totally fair as I have lots of clients who want to have their shoots in a totally new spot like a hotel room or a gorgeous space in an Airbnb. The only issue was, she didn't have the budget to rent a hotel room in the CBD, or even anywhere in Christchurch for that matter. 

So it looked like we were potentially stuck. I either had to find us a place to shoot, or we were going to venture into the woods and do the shoot "Au naturel" 

Being the problem solver that I am, I sprung into action and began asking friends to send me photos of their bedrooms to see if I could use any of them for the shoot (yes I know... I need to get my own studio... one day!!)

After looking through bedroom photo after bedroom photo, we finally found THE ONE (admin is totally worth it when you find the most gorgeous bed in the entire city to photograph on). This bed just happened to be the bed of my friends parents... Thank goodness they were away for the week so we were able to transform the bedroom into a gorgeous temporary studio (I'll do almost anything to make a shoot happen). The reason why I loved this room so much? The solid wooden bed!! My photographer dreams were finally coming true!

This shoot was the first time that Leah (client) and I had met, but as you probably know already, I'm super chilled and make lots of jokes so the shoot is alwaysssss easy and fun!

So I guess the reason for this post is for me to thank my friends parents for letting me use their room for a shoot, and to let you know that the motto "the show must go on" is very real in my life and things (especially photoshoots) always work out for the better.

I think that is enough of me talking... I'll let you enjoy some photos now!